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where living tree trunks are grown into furniture, gazebos, bridges, tree houses and a wide range of other forms with living growing trees.

The book decribes the rich history of the art of arborsculpture, stretching as far back as medieval times. Interviews with the people around the world who practice the art along with step by step how to start your own live arborsculpture projects.

Arborsculpture- Solutions for a Small Planet Reviews.

Trees grown by Richard Reames

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starting tree house Tree House tree house with frame tree house
These Hybrid Poplar trees were cut level at 15 feet. A sheet of plywood was bolted to the top. The frame was added to guide the new growth. Branch office with Wi-Fi.  

"Environmentally beneficial, very affordable, not to mention unique, arborsculpture could indeed become practical alternatives for producing smart, eco-positive furniture, landscaping, and shelter." James Nestor- Dwell Magazine, February, 2007

Birch growing
You too can accomplish the tree shaping projects of your desires and support the growth of this art by purchasing Richard's book. Arborsculpture- Solutions for a Small Planet Reviews The book includes the history of the art, how to do it yourself and interviews with nine tree trunk artist from six different countries.

"You, like I may dream of having unique furniture or artwork in your garden. You may want a distinctive fence to screen a private yard. If so, then you'll find arborsculpture not only fits your needs, but is a great way to grow closer to your land while developing a new skill" Patti Cassidy- Hobby Farm Home- January/February 2009



"Let's unlock the full
potential of the living tree."




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