The unique genetics of redwoods.

Chris Brinegar and his team have begun to unlock the mystery of what lies inside the genetic code of the redwood tree, and it's a  mind blower. "Their results suggest that the coast redwood most likely became a hexaploid in the Cretaceous period (~144 – 65 million years ago)" More wood can be produced by an acre of redwood trees than any other tree species. 

It is suspected that coast redwoods were at one time the world's largest trees logging removed the evidence it is assumed. The maximum potential height of coast redwoods is thought to be limited to somewhere around 400 plus feet (121.9m), as evapotranspiration is insufficient to transport water to leaves beyond this height. Fog, which is typically present in the tree's natural environment may allow even greater heights.   

The coast redwood is the only known hexaploid conifer ever discovered.

The Redwood Genome story

I grew up in the redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains and always felt amazed at the size of their massive groves. One of my favorite hikes was the back door into Henry Cowell Redwood State Park in Felton Ca.  

General Fremont tree located in Henry Cowell redwood state park.  

General Fremont tree located in Henry Cowell redwood state park.