How to Grow a Fence- The Arborsmith Way

living fenceTo grow your own fence first you need to decide on the type of trees to use. The top illustration shows one way to create the pattern. By going over and under a strong yet beautiful fence can be grown. Deciduous trees that can be limbed up (lower branches removed) are shown here. If you desire a privacy fence the same pattern can be used with evergreens but you won't see the pattern emerge until the trees are much older and taller.entry way

This entryway was grown by Axel Erlandson in late 1920's He planted 10 trees and simply pruned and grafted the growing tree parts to create this pattern. He built a scrap wood frame behind it to serve as a guide and hold the tree parts still until the grafts had taken. To learn more about this project other projects along with the complete history of Arborsculpture, pick up your copy of Arborsculpture - Solutions for a Small Planet

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