From " Eden on their minds "     

                                                                                                    From "Eden on their minds"     

Richard Reames: Arborsculptor

Building our house 1993

Building our house 1993


I landed in Williams, Oregon and built our log house using dead standing trees and native stone for the foundation. I had an epiphany inspired by the work of Axel Erlandson. This epiphany launched me into a fruitful career which let me spread the ancient art of arborsculpture around the world. Here is a brief overview of the projects I've done and events I have been a part of. 

  • Opened Arborsmith Studios- A tree nursery/art studio 1993
  • Authored How to Grow a Chair- 1995
  • Directed community planting Williams Oregon- 1997
  • Planted "Laughing happy tree park" in Joykoji Japan with John Gathright and received "The Good Design Award" For ecological design 2000 
  • Garden Creator, S. F. Flower and Garden show- 2000
  • Subject in hardbound large format book- Living Sculpture by Paul Cooper 2001
  • Subject in hardbound large format book Eden on Their Minds by Starr Ockenga 2001
  • Speaker S. F. Flower and Garden show- 2001
  • Speaker Master Gardeners State Convention in Alaska- 2001
  • Workshop Deans's Nursery Ohio- 2002
  • T. V. PBS “Tree Stories” “fantasy trees” 2002
  • Speaker Cannabis Cup Amsterdam Netherlands 2002 
  • Speaker High Wycombe College of Furniture Design in England 2002
  • World Expo Japan 2005 International Arborsculpture coordinator for the Growing Village pavilion.
  • Authored Arborsculpture- Solutions for a Small Planet 2005
  • Authored article for Compass Magazine- March/April 2006
  • John C. Campbell School of Folk Arts, Instructor week long class, '05,'06,'08,'09,'10
  • Speaker Seattle Flower and Garden Show 2006
  • Speaker University of Melbourne Australia 2006
  • T. V. Home and Garden Channel "Off Beat America" segment 2006
  • Speaker and demonstrator, Nashville Tennessee Lawn and Flower show February 2007
  • Subject in hardbound book- Tree Tricks by Ivan Hicks 2007 
  • Speaker and workshop teacher- Kansas City garden symposium sponsored by Powell Gardens February 2008
  • Speaker Swedenborg church San Diego, 125th anniversary November 2008
  • Speaker Western chapter of the International society of Arborist, accredited, April 2010
  • Board Of Directors Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild Non-Profit Trade association 2015- 
Read the Dwell story about me  here .

Read the Dwell story about me here.

I have a Power Point presentation that lasts about 45mins. Speaking engagements accepted. Inquirie at: Richard(at symbole here)

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